Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zero-cost diagnostics on papers

George Whitesides is a Chemistry professor at Harvard University, and his recent work seems to have the potential to change the way diagnostic medicine works. Dr. Whitesides and his team have recently developed a prototype “paper chip” that is capable of diagnosing multiple disease simply with the application of a blood drop.

Here is the talk given by Prof. Whitesides on paper diagnostics:

Here are the papers on paper diagnostics from the same research group:

Patterned Paper as a Platform for Inexpensive, Low-Volume, Portable Bioassays†, Angew Chem. 2007

Simple telemedicine for developing regions: camera phones and paper-based microfluidic devices for real-time, off-site diagnosis, Anal Chem, 2008

Three-dimensional microfluidic devices fabricated in layered paper and tape, PNAS, 2008

FLASH: A rapid method for prototyping paper-based microfluidic devices, Lab Chip, 2008

Understanding Wax Printing: A Simple Micropatterning Process for Paper-Based Microfluidics, Anal Chem, 2009

Paper-supported 3D cell culture for tissue-based bioassays, PNAS, 2009

Diagnostics for the Developing World: Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices, Anal Chem, 2009

Electrochemical sensing in paper-based microfluidic devices, Lab Chip, 2010

Programmable diagnostic devices made from paper and tape, Lab Chip, 2010

Paper‐Based ELISA, Angew Chem, 2010

And more and more publications over the last 3 years have been published by Prof. Whitesides' research group. Known with his contibutions to microfludics, Prof. Whitesides is opening up a field on paper based diagnositics...

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