Sunday, January 16, 2011

Optogenetics: controlling cell function with light

Nature method's method of the year 2010 has been announced on an emerging method that is called Optogenetics. The combination of genetic and optical methods enabled scientists to explore biological processes with high temporal and cell-specific resolution. Not only neuroscience but also other cell/tissue related fields have now started to utilize optogenetics to open new landscapes for the study of biology.
Here is the video explaining the method of optogenetics:

Here you can reach to the news, articles and reviews on this promising method: MOY 2010, Nature Method

You may want to also visit the Stanford optogenetics resources

Finally, here are the recent articles on optogenetics:

(1) Global and local fMRI signals driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and wiring, Nature 2010

(2) Optogenetics: Controlling the Brain with Light , Scientific American 2010

(3)Decoding the Brain with Light, Technology Review, 2009

(4)Optogenetics 3.0, Cell 2010

(5)Optogenetic interrogation of neural circuits: technology for probing mammalian brain structures, Nature Protocols 2010