Friday, August 27, 2010

Label-Free Nonlinear Microscopy reveals Zebrafish Cell Cycling

Together with more explorations of intrinsic nonlinear properties of the biological samples, the nonlinear microscopy has become an extensively used tool to demonstrate morphological visualization of biological structures.

A recent report in Science August(20) issue achieves 3 dimensional reconstruction of early Zebrafish Embryos. In this study, researchers designed a framework for imaging and reconstruction unstained whole zebrafish embryos for their 10 cell division cycles and also they reported the measurements along the cell lineage with micrometer spatial resolution and minute temporal accuracy.

Click here to read more about this report:
Cell Lineage Reconstruction of Early Zebrafish Embryos Using Label-Free Nonlinear Microscopy
Nicolas Olivier, Miguel A. Luengo-Oroz, Louise Duloquin, Emmanuel Faure, Thierry Savy, Israël Veilleux, Xavier Solinas, Delphine Débarre, Paul Bourgine, Andrés Santos, Nadine Peyriéras, and Emmanuel Beaurepaire (20 August 2010)
Science 329 (5994), 967.

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